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Word of Mouth Advertising

When people get together they talk about life, work, dreams and everything. It’s what we do. Are they talking about you? Is it good!? I hope so. The point is, getting work by word of mouth is the best advertising you can get. Furthermore, a referred client is serious about meeting YOU and getting YOU to do the job.

But you have to position yourself on the web in a professional way that gives your next customer quick and easy access to you and you only.

That is what my service does and is all about.



Stop wasting your money on leads that are controlled by third parties and a third party rating system that can be totally un-fair and one sided.

You are your own boss right!? Well advertise to generate your leads yourself. Don't let a third party pool you up with your competition.

I will build your company a small yet strategically positioned web presence that tailors to your business, your desired clientele and service area. You will start generating leads that will contact YOU DIRECTLY and as you build your clientele, your business will grow the old fashioned way. Soon you won't even need to rely on your web positioning to generate leads, because word of mouth will take over.

Word of Mouth at Work

Joe's friend David found you using word of mouth service. You did him a great service. Good job! So David mentioned you and your excellent service at the get together the other day. Joe seems very comfortable with you and awards you your next job. Congradulations!

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